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Our Muskoka Sales Team

Al Bullock

Photo of Al Bullock
BrokerWork Phone: 705•646•5592, Ext. 209Cell Phone: 705•644•3894Work Fax: 705•646•5582Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Sally Bullock

Photo of Sally Bullock
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•646•5592, Ext. 210Cell Phone: 705•641•8699Work Fax: 705•646•5582Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Jim Fife

Photo of Jim Fife
BrokerWork Phone: 705•646•5592, Ext. 212Cell Phone: 705•644•9025Work Fax: 705•646•5582Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Mary Gauthier

Photo of Mary Gauthier
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 110Cell Phone: 705•641•0706Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Kimberley Gronfors

Photo of Kimberley Gronfors
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•646•5592,Home Phone: 705•645•0248Work Fax: 705•646•5582Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Kim was born and raised in Muskoka.  She continues the history with a Muskoka husband and two Muskoka born children.

She is a sports enthusiast with a particular love of snow skiing.  She also took to the air and obtained her private pilot’s licence in 1999.

After working for several local small businesses, Kim struck out on her own to open KLS Property Management.  She manages many private investment properties and commercial buildings in Muskoka.  Property management led Kim into the Real Estate field and she now is able to offer a full spectrum to her clients.

Kim values the importance of providing a truly personalized quality service to her clients, always putting their needs first and paying close attention to every aspect of the process. She believes that to remain competitive in today’s real estate market, a broad approach, yet a very much local outreach is imperative.

Brian Guerriero

Photo of Brian Guerriero
Broker of Record & Co-OwnerWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 107Cell Phone: 705•641•9441Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Krista Havenaar

Photo of Krista Havenaar
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 111Cell Phone: 705•801•5370Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Enjoy Muskoka welcomes Krista Havenaar to its Gravenhurst office. Krista is a longtime resident of Muskoka and brings with her invaluable experience and knowledge of what today’s home and cottage buyers are looking for. Krista’s past endeavours include hotel and property management and a long history of customer service and sales. She has both managed and sold vacation properties throughout Muskoka and is thrilled to be joining the team at Enjoy Muskoka Realty Inc. in Gravenhurst. Please give her a call at 705-801-5370 or pop into the office at 410 Muskoka Road.

Joanne Hoskins

Photo of Joanne Hoskins
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•646•5592, Ext. 213Cell Phone: 705•394•7253Work Fax: 705•646•5582Website: www.muskokawaterfrontproperty.comWebsite: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Five generations ago Joanne’s family bought their first cottage on Lake Muskoka and began spending summers at the lake.  There are countless memories of summers at the family cottage.  Those summers instilled in Joanne an enduring love and appreciation of the area.  With it’s sparkling lakes, stunning sunsets, smooth granite shorelines, star lit skies and fresh air; ‘Muskoka, once discovered never forgotten’ describes it perfectly.

Joanne was born and raised in Toronto, and it came as no surprise to her family, when as a young woman, she decided to move to Muskoka, the region that stole her heart as a child.  It was the perfect environment and lifestyle to raise her family.  Recently Joanne and her husband made the decision to settle in the quaint Village of Baysville, on pristine Lake of Bays about 15 minutes east of Bracebridge.

More than two decades ago Joanne began a career in real estate, working her way through various career levels to become a licensed sales representative, with a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the industry.  Over the years she has come to know many of the lakes and rivers in the Muskoka area intimately, and she will tell you that each waterfront property that she have previewed, shown, sold or listed is distinctly different from the others.

Joanne continues to educate herself in all the changing aspects of the real estate profession and as a full time Realtor, she will educate, guide and assist you in making wise financial decisions.

Doug Kinsman

Photo of Doug Kinsman
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 112Cell Phone: 705•687•5656Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Dar Kofoed

Photo of Dar Kofoed
Sales RepresentativeEnjoy Muskoka Realty Inc. BracebridgeWork Phone: 705•646•5592Work Fax: 705•646•5582Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Dar has been a licensed Real Estate Salesperson since 2013. She always had an interest in real estate, which inspired her to obtain her license while living in Winnipeg, MB. She enjoyed 2 good years of helping her clients in the Manitoba sunshine!

 In January 2016, Dar and her family moved to Bracebridge to be closer to family, and have very much enjoyed their new home in Muskoka! After spending some time exploring and getting to know the area, she is eager to meet some new people and new places.

Angela Madden

Photo of Angela Madden
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 121Cell Phone: 416•702•3957Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskokarealty.com

Brian Morrison

Photo of Brian Morrison
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•646•5592, Ext. 214Cell Phone: 705•644•2997Work Fax: 705•646•5582Website: www.enjoymuskoka.comWebsite: www.facebook.com/buyingmuskokaproperty

Betty Murdoch

Photo of Betty Murdoch
BrokerWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 113Cell Phone: 705•644•1060Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Terry Murdoch

Photo of Terry Murdoch
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 114Cell Phone: 705•644•9176Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Shawn O’Connor

Photo of Shawn O’Connor
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•646•5592, Ext. 217Cell Phone: 705•641•1789Work Fax: 705•646•5582Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Working with everyone at Enjoy Muskoka Realty Inc. is fun for me.  So many qualified professionals and friendly folks with valuable local knowledge and expertise.  A great fit with my appraisal business!  I am currently the owner/operator of A1 Accurate Appraisal providing appraisal services in Muskoka, Haliburton and Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada.  My clients include municipalities, lenders, lawyers, businesses and private individuals who require review reports, expropriation consultations, appraisal reports for financing, litigation, divorce, financial planning, the Ecogift Program, tax matters, non-arms length transfer of title, estate settlement and reports for government agencies.  I provide real estate and appraisal services that make you feel good.  Did I say that? “Make you feel good?”…Yes!  You can feel good about your real estate decisions!

Jim Pattinson

Photo of Jim Pattinson
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•704•9446Cell Phone: 705•641•1165Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: Jim’s Personal BlogWebsite: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Mitch Raven

Photo of Mitch Raven
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 120Cell Phone: 705•801•6195Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.MuskokaCottageRealty.comWebsite: www.enjoymuskoka.com

David Reid

Photo of David Reid
Sales Representative & Co-OwnerWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 108Cell Phone: 705•644•3441Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

I wake up smiling and keep going from there. Used to annoy university friends at my morning exuberance. I love my field of real estate and I look forward to meeting new people as my business continues to grow. This blog should be an interesting outlet for my thoughts and I hope to keep people somewhat interested. That might be a struggle 🙂

Bruce Reville

Photo of Bruce Reville
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•646•5592, Ext. 208Cell Phone: 705•646•3330Work Fax: 705•646•5582Website: www.enjoymuskoka.comWebsite: www.brucereville.com

Bruce is a leader in Muskoka with over 40 years experience working around the Lakes. Whether managing his resort on Lake Joseph or selling residential homes or cottages, his entrepreneurial skills will offer clients knowledge and guidance with 15 years experience as a licensed Realtor. He is active in the community with many volunteer efforts, including his dedication to the Rotary Club of Bracebridge-Muskoka Lakes and Co-Chair of the Terry Fox Run. Enjoy Muskoka Realty is proud to have him as a member of our team and offers every client an exceptional experience in Real Estate Sales.


Ray Sander

Photo of Ray Sander
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 116Cell Phone: 705•646•4330Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Peter Steele

Photo of Peter Steele
BrokerCell Phone: 705•706•1946Work Phone: 705•687•5656Work Fax: 866•521•5011Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

“I’m a low key guy who is a 3rd generation Muskoka property owner of a family property at Foots Bay, Lake Joseph. My grandfather Steele bought the property in the 1920’s and at that time it was “water access mainland” with no modern services like electricity or running water. After our youngest child finished high school in Toronto in 2004, my wife Luise and I moved to Lake Joseph and made the family cottage our principal residence. We enjoyed year round Muskoka living for 10 years and then decided to test winters in Florida. I didn’t think I would like it but the weather won me over. We bought a place in Naples FL in 2014 and have been spending winters here on a golf course ever since.

The internet allows me to keep in touch with Real Estate in Muskoka from anywhere and so my physical location doesn’t matter.

My interest in Muskoka Real Estate is really focused on waterfront properties and because I live on Lake Joseph, I tend to focus on Joseph and Rosseau first, followed by Lake Muskoka and then the smaller lakes close by.

Pauline “Gemma” Tingey

Photo of Pauline “Gemma” Tingey
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•646•5592, Ext. 215Cell Phone: 705•644-9908Work Fax: 705•646•5582Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Sherry Tingey

Photo of Sherry Tingey
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 118Cell Phone: 705•644•2307Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Maureen Webb

Photo of Maureen Webb
BrokerWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 119Cell Phone: 705•646•8362Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com

Annalisa Weir

Photo of Annalisa Weir
Sales RepresentativeWork Phone: 705•687•5656, Ext. 123Cell Phone: 705•687•2700Work Fax: 705•687•5626Website: www.enjoymuskoka.com
Annalisa received her real estate license in 1990 and has been a dedicated, award winning Realtor since that day with thousands of successful transactions and many satisfied clients.

Muskoka has always been a large part of Annalisa’s life.  Her parents built the family cottage on Muskoka Beach Road in 1962 just down the road from her grandparents, Paul and Kitty Hedegard, who lived in Muskoka full time.  Paul Hedegard was well known for designing and building many of the “A” frame cottages that can be found in the area.  While spending four seasons cottaging in Muskoka, Annalisa worked summers at the Sands (Taboo), spent many memorable days boating on the Muskoka Lakes and enjoyed downhill skiing at the “Sands” and Hidden Valley.  She was a regular in the water ski shows at Milford Manor, the Muskoka Sands and Gull Lake Park.

She decided to make Muskoka her full time home in 2017 and recently joined Enjoy Muskoka Realty Inc.  She is looking forward to combining her real estate experience and knowledge of the Muskoka region with her clients, both new and existing.

She has 25 years experience selling homes, cottages, condos and farm/rural properties and works equally as hard with both both buyers and sellers throughout the entire process…from sun up until sun down!  And there is nothing like a Muskoka sunrise or sunset!

She can be reached directly at 705-687-2700 or annalisa@enjoymuskoka.com

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